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Author: Local Feedback aims to track and document actionable parameters that help improve urban and rural infrastructure. The founder, Susmita, has juggled diverse roles in real estate, project budgeting, valuation and execution on construction sites. Having traveled to more than 20 countries, she has worked across 4 regions in India. Her areas of interest include sustainable buildings, electric mobility and urban development. She visited top-ranking cities on livability indices and has presented published papers at international conferences.
grandria to lugano switzerland trekking trail

Gandria to Lugano: Trekking & Camping in Switzerland – 100%

Medhika says – “With mountains on both sides, a trail flanked by olive trees caressing the glittering waters of lake Lugano, was a sight I thought only existed in paintings – till I saw it for real!”

dhouj faridabad campsite aravallis

Dhouj Village, Haryana, India – 100%

Yahaya says – “Dhouj has good schools and even Al Falah medical college. Adventure camps, big hotels and resorts… “
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 100%