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Author: Local Feedback aims to track and document actionable parameters that help improve urban and rural infrastructure. The founder, Susmita, has juggled diverse roles in real estate, project budgeting, valuation and execution on construction sites. Having traveled to more than 20 countries, she has worked across 4 regions in India. Her areas of interest include sustainable buildings, electric mobility and urban development. She visited top-ranking cities on livability indices and has presented published papers at international conferences.
village rockstars india oscar 2019 entry

Congratulations to “Village Rockstars”! – India’s entry to Oscars 2019

Coming-of-age story of a girl who forms her rock band in a village in Assam. LocalFeedback.Org congratulates with it’s strong emphasis on Villages, right from inception


Bringing Back Sunshine

A poem i wrote back in school, almost 10 yrs before the song by the same title was released!

Urban Oscars: 101 Movies about Cities

“Film, in many ways, can be the perfect medium for urban nostalgia. People and places, frozen in time, capture life in the moment.” Read this re-blogged post on movies based on cities!