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Category: Lifestyle

Uncrave by (de)Licious: Why i don’t miss chicken any more!

“Food to me has never been just a filler. But a philosophy. An experience to be relished. And Uncrave by Licious checks all those boxes.”

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting – an Ancient art in Modern times

Mithila art or Madhubani art, as popularly known, is among the most notable contributions of Bihar that puts Indian art and craft on the world map.

One can find many options for home decor, accessories and clothing with Madhubani theme priced under INR 500/- and 5,000/-. 

Reusing-Recycling Bottles and Boxes

So what could we do with all the plastic food delivery boxes and bottles from Rawleaf and Faasos? Turn them into beautiful table pieces! Minimizing our plastic footprint has a huge impact!