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Reward Points

All review writers will be credited reward points, linked to their Email ID. Those scoring more than 1000 points would be featured among the Top Contributors. As the website grows, reward points would be converted to Gift Vouchers or Paytm Cash or Local event tickets.

You have the choice to remain anonymous or opt for displaying name and link to your personal blog/ website/ social media profile. Email IDs will not be made public but are required for tracking points. This is because the beta version currently does not support creation of sign-in accounts.

The blog-post format of LocalFeedback.Org allows writers to share individual reviews once they are published.

Type of Review

Reward Points

Villages 200 per review
Localities – Office, Residential, Tourist District 150
Travel Route (Highway Trip, Trek, Cruise) 100
Buildings – Public Parks 100
Buildings – Office, Residential 75

Photo/Video Uploads

Villages 75 per photo/video
Localities/ Travel Route / Building Video 50 per unique video
Localities/ Buildings/ Travel Route Photos 25 per unique photo


100 Likes + Shares (combined) on individual post (all types) 500 points per 100 likes
50 Likes + Shares (combined) on individual post (all types) 150 points

More than 500 points also makes the writer eligible to participate in The Home Connect Contest

You may have noticed already – higher points for offbeat and outdoor reviews! Yes, our aim is to promote a better connect with the surroundings. So keep writing, and claim your stake in the urban and rural growth stories.