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Category: Fashion Under 5

We talk about AFFORDABLE fashion – under INR 500 or 5000, or fashion under $5! Preferably available at a local store, or online.
We also talk about Fashion for people under 5 feet height – fashion isn’t for the ramp only!
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Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Painting – an Ancient art in Modern times

Mithila art or Madhubani art, as popularly known, is among the most notable contributions of Bihar that puts Indian art and craft on the world map.

One can find many options for home decor, accessories and clothing with Madhubani theme priced under INR 500/- and 5,000/-. 

Fashion under five 5 straight cut denims jeans

Fashion Under 5 – Style Advice for Shorter Women – The First Post

“Less than 5 feet tall, and looking for clothes under $5? Well, that’s me! Though in India it is mostly everyday clothing priced below INR 500, or formal wears below 5000 i look for. I like to dress well, but spending too much on fashion that keeps changing isn’t really my thing.”