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Category: Travel Routes

grandria to lugano switzerland trekking trail

Gandria to Lugano: Trekking & Camping in Switzerland – 100%

Medhika says – “With mountains on both sides, a trail flanked by olive trees caressing the glittering waters of lake Lugano, was a sight I thought only existed in paintings – till I saw it for real!”

Day Trip : Rishikesh to Tehri

“The weather was itself calling out for an outing & dad asked promptly to get ready for Tehri Lake visit. We started driving from Rishikesh to Tehri at around 9 in the morning. The breeze was with us that day.”

pune panchgani highway travel review

Pune-Panchgani, Maharashtra, India – 91.6%

Ira says – “The road is very scenic, and the road quality is great too. However, the roads are too narrow for the amount of traffic that travels up and down the hills”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 91.6%
Duration of Trip – 12 hours

Jaipur-Ajmer-Pushkar, India – 100%

Susmita says – “We started from Jaipur city at around 8:30 am, and reached Ajmer at 10 30. Taking Ola outstation turned out to be a good option..”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 100%
Duration of Trip – 5 hours