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Gandria to Lugano: Trekking & Camping in Switzerland – 100%

grandria to lugano switzerland trekking trail

Review of Gandria to Lugano Trekking-Camping Trip:

With mountains on both sides, a trail flanked by olive trees caressing the glittering waters of the lake, was a sight I thought only existed in paintings or adventure books. Until I saw it for real!”

Review by Medhika

Type of Trip – Trekking & Camping + Boat Ride!

Overall Score – 100%

Year of Visit – 2020

No. of Travelers – 2

Duration of Trip – 2-4 Hours, including ferry ride from Lugano to Gandria 

Image Source (Olive Grove Trail along Lake Lugano) : Reviewer Medhika
Gandria to Lugano ferry deboarding point gandria
De-boarding the ferry in Gandria (Source: Reviewer Medhika)

gandria to lugano lake lugano boat cruises
Tourist cruise on Lake Lugano (Source:
grandria to lugano trek
View of Gandria Village from Lake Lugano (Source: Flickr) INT

Stops en Route from Gandria to Lugano

  • Stop for Food / Water – “Stops at regular intervals to replenish our water bottles from the free drinking water fountains”
  • Stop for Fuel / Supplies – Not applicable, since this is a walking route

Overall Ratings for the Trek:

The Route – 3/3

Destination – 3/3

Activity / Experience – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3  

Here’s an interesting video by the reviewer, Medhika, about Lake Locarno, some 30-40 kms from Gandria. The Swiss-Italian border profile in this area makes for quite intriguing features! Monte Bre to Gandria is another popular hiking trail in the same region

Review of Trekking from Gandria to Lugano by Medhika:

While researching on the top things to do in the Italian speaking Swiss town of Lugano, I came across the Olive Trail from Gandria to Lugano, a small village located on the shores of Lake Lugano.

Sleepy little Gandria seemed to be quite the contrast to the glitzy and glamorous Lugano. And a 2 hour hike along the shores of this Mediterranean looking part of the Swiss landscape seemed too good to be true. It had to be experienced to be believed.

So on a warm afternoon in July, just as summer was at its peak in this part of the world, we found ourselves on a ferry from Lugano to Gandria.

Even on a sweaty summer day, the high of being surrounded by mountains in the middle of a lake, on a ferry taking us to a remote village, that could only be accessed via boat or foot, due to it being a car free zone, made our faces shine with excitement.

We had boarded the ferry in Lugano which took us to Gandria in about 40 minutes, while stopping in between at a few villages on the way.

Upon reaching Gandria, after having a quick bite, we set out on the trail back to Lugano. The start of the trail was easy to find as the entire path is well marked with signboards. For a traveler who doesn’t speak Italian, only following the signs is easy enough. One only has to be on the track along the lake and you are guaranteed to reach Lugano in under two hours.

And those two hours you want to savour and how!

Out of all the places my eyes have seen till date, the Olive (Grove) Trail is something so unique, it’s hard to forget for years to come. With mountains on both sides, sleepy villages every 10 minutes, a dirt track filled with olive trees caressing the glittering waters of the lake, was a sight I thought only existed in paintings or adventure books. Until I saw it for real!

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