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Top Contributors

We value your time and effort in submitting meaningful feedback. Hence, reviewers who cross 100 reward points would be featured on this page.

If you wish to write on a regular basis or have more than 10 reviews to contribute, kindly send us an email with the subject line “Author Access for Local Feedback”.

Top Contributors on the Leaderboard…

Name Reward Points Reviews
Medhika 1775 Tourist district (2), Residential locality (2), Railway Station, Home Connect Early Bird bonus 1000
Vaishali 525 Public park, Village, Travel Route
Shayleene 350 Village review
Ishani Sen 350 Café, Locality Review
Deepak Kumar 300 Public park, Personal experience
Anonymous (tracked internally) 275 Village Review
Pratik Vadher 200 Village review
Shashank Sonal 200 Railway Station (2)
Anonymous (tracked internally) 150 Residential Locality
Agnes Goyvaerts 175 Tourist spot
Saurabh Ghosh 150 Residential locality
Anonymous (tracked internally) 150 Residential locality
Vaneesha 150 Residential locality
Andrie 150 Residential Locality


Note: Reward Points > 100 are listed. Reviews by Admin (Local Feedback) and ‘Susmita’ are not part of the points tally.

We have also created unique referral codes for each of the top contributors (1st 3 months) which will fetch INR 50/- for each review submitted by their friends.

As a token of gratitude, LocalFeedback has sent out Amazon Vouchers (most preferred to all writers!) to those who have contributed reviews in the 1st three months of Local Feedback existence. The Conversion ratio was 1:1 (Points : INR)

Going forward, the conversion ratio may vary depending on the funding we receive, but we have carefully procured deals and discounts through online stores and merchants, which you can see here:

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