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Review of Lodhi Garden, New Delhi – 81.5%

lodhi garden review new delhi

Review by Deepak Kumar

Overall Score – 81.5%
Overall Maintenance – 2/3
Image Source – Anita Mishra (Wikipedia)

Rating of Basic Features:

Access Road – 3/3
Jogging/Walking Track – 3/3
Trees and Turf – 3/3
Children’s Play Area – 3/3
Benches – 2/3
Restrooms – 2/3
Dustbins – 2/3
Lighting – 2/3

Overall Maintenance – 2/3

Lodhi Garden is good for:

  • exercise and outdoor sports
  • taking pets for a walk
  • visiting in the evening
  • hosting public events


“The park is great but with few shortcomings such as lack of benches, restrooms and dustbins. Overall, a great place to spend quality time with your friends or family on weekends. Love with place.”

Location of Lodhi Garden:


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