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Why the Next few Weekends are the best time to be in Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden, New Delhi


Because Winter is not fully gone – so you will see brilliant sunshine, Fountains and Flowers in full bloom! And memorable picnics, gymming, running and outings with your loved ones! Even thought-provoking Street Plays if you happen to get in on a potluck Sunday afternoon. Bonus – useful parking hacks, so keep reading.

(All images are courtesy of the Author)

So this Sunday, February the 4th, i was back to my favorite haunt in New Delhi. It had been a while and the fogs were almost gone. It was time again to go exploring (or lazing around rather).

I will briefly sum up what i saw, with these lovely photos that deserve their ‘time in the sun’ 🙂

The Fountains are Up and Running


fountain in lodhi garden new delhi
The fountains are pretty huge i tell you!

But they don’t run all day. Here are the timings:

Fountain timings displayed on a sign board – quite helpful!

Roses in Full Bloom at Lodhi Garden

This is probably the best season for rose spotting! Ample sunshine and the right temperature aided by cool winds.

Roses inside the enclosure, which has the Mosque and a small white colored ‘Gateway’ – that’s a landmark for locating the garden
Gateway to the Rose garden!

Wait… there are more pictures of the garden, which is quite well tended to by a dedicated team of gardeners. It has plants laid out in neat radial rows within the circular enclosure.

Rose plants in neat radial rows
Roses take centerstage!

But there are plenty of other beautiful flowers along the walkways too!

lodhi garden new delhi flower
Flowers along the walkways in Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Drinking Water Kiosks

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See how the new new ATMs by NDMC are a huge improvement over the older water kiosks!

Outdoor Gym at Lodhi Garden

These are a welcome and positive fixtures in Delhi parks! Sweating it out in the sun, and for no extra charges, wont be half as fun! Monotonous gyms inside glass boxes with blaring remixed songs are so passe. Here’s to making Delhiites a fitter lot at no extra cost.


Potluck Sundays, Petwalks and Street Plays

As we know these aren’t a new phenomena, but this is just the right season for all outdoor activities! I even saw group discussions and off site corporate outings.

A group of students gearing up for a Street Play

I’d been invited to a birthday picnic by a close friend before. Every one had such a wonderful time! And we’ve all been here on several occasions and the pre-winter (that’s when the birthday picnic took place!) and post-winter days are some of the best, no doubt.


While smoking, gambling, alcohol and drugs  are strictly not allowed in Lodhi Gardens, aren’t we glad that eating is (allowed)!

Monuments, Outdoor Sports and Wedding Photoshoots

Probably the three things which have been here since the beginning of time 🙂

Light outdoor sports are a popular activity at Lodhi Gardens
These monuments are a sought-after backdrop for photo shoots. To help them stay clean, we are thankful that more dustbins have been added!

The walled precincts of Sikandar Lodi tomb surrounded by stone benches and rocks are ideal for relaxation.

And because changing clothes is not allowed in the washrooms, a wedding group actually came over with something which looked exactly like the tent in the picture from Amazon:

Lodhi Garden cloth changing tent.jpg
Clothes Changing Tent available on Amazon – for those precious wedding photo-shoot moments at Lodhi Garden

So parking tips are not the only hack you’ll find in this post 🙂

Bonus – as promised – Parking Hacks!

Mostly i prefer coming to Lodhi Gardens from Jor Bagh Metro or Lok Kalyan Marg Metro (formerly Race Course Road Metro) on the Yellow Line. But for those rare outings when i come by car, parking at Ashoka Gate on Lodhi Road can be a major hassle. So i’ve tried these other options:

  1. Parking on Amrita Shergill Lane
  2. Parking on Amrita Shergill Marg (yes the two are different, and we are glad they are because, well, more parking space!)
  3. Parking on Max Mueller Marg
  4. Parking on Subramaniam Bharti Marg
  5. Ok i hate to give this one away as a secret, but you can park at India Habitat Centre and walk over to Lodhi Garden (10 minutes)


Will be happy for more such interesting tips on visiting Lodhi Gardens. Also share which are your other favorite winter-outing places in Delhi, so we can go visit before winter actually ends!

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