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Chilahari Village, Bihar, India – 85.71%

chilahari village buxar bihar ganges river

Review of Chilahari Village in Buxar district:

“A big village divided geographically into 4 ‘tolas’. Surrounded by a stream and road, Chilahari also has a high school”

Review by Amit Kumar

Overall Rating – 2/3

Overall Score – 85.71%

Duration of Stay – Short Visit (Less than 1 month)

Time of Visit – Before 2016

Purpose of Visit – Ancestral Place  

Image Source : Google Maps (Satellite map of Chilahari Village in Buxar)

How to Reach Chilahari Village:

  • “The village is part of Chougain Block in Buxar district of Bihar, located about 15 km from Buxar city”
  • “Well connected on the Railways on the Delhi-Howrah route. Also, connected via road to Tata, Ranchi and other cities of Jharkhand”
  • Closest Railway Station is in Baruna (6 km) or Kushalpur Harnaha Halt (5.5 km), and in Buxar (15 km)
  • Private Car/bus from Dumraon (7 km), Buxar (15 km) in Bihar or Bharauli (15 km) in Uttar Pradesh
  • Chilahari Village can be accessed via NH 922 (Sasaram-Patna Road) and through State Highway 79 (Dumraon-Bikramganj Road)
  • Nearest major Airport is in Patna (114 km)
  • Chilahari village, also spelled as Chilhari or Chilahri, is quite close to Ganges (Ganga) River (10 km). During Monsoons and the rainy season, the river can flow above the danger mark, with ‘severe flood alert’ warning (07 Sept, 2020) especially near Karnamepur area.
  • Buxar Fort (14 km) on the banks of the Ganges, and Naulakha Mandir (16 km) are among interesting places to visit near Chilhari village

Places to Stay in Chilahari Village

  • “No hotel or paid accommodation available in village”
  • Vaishnavi Clarks Inn (INR 2,400) at 16 km in Buxar
  • Hotel Royal Plaza (INR 2,200) at 14.5 km in Buxar
  • Park Hotel (INR 2,000) at 7.8 km
  • Other lodges and hotels in both Buxar or in Bhojpur
Chilahari village Kushalpur Harnaha halt buxar bihar
Kushalpur Harnaha railway halt near Chilahari Village (Source: Google Maps by Indrajit)

A view of Paddy Fields in Chilahari Village (Source: Reviewer Amit Kumar)

Quality of Infrastructure:

Access from Main Highway – 3/3

Presence of School – 3/3

Healthcare Facilities – 3/3

Electricity – 3/3

Water Supply – 2/3

Mobile Network – 2/3

Overall Rating – 2/3

Review of Chilahari Village:

“Chilahari has an advantage of having a road on one side and a stream on the other side. It is a big village divided geographically into 4 “tolas” – uttar (north), Purav (east), Paschim(west) and dakhin (south).

A primary school is there in the village. With a missionary hospital at 0.8 km and a a primary and a high school in the village, Chilahri is well suited to health and educational facilities.

The agricultural land is highly fertile as it lies in the Ganga basin. Crops like paddy, wheat, pulses and array of vegetable crops makes it a highly agriculture based village. However, large scale migration haunts the village.

Predominantly Hindu population (Rajput Bisen being a prominent group here) with a few hundreds of Muslim population too.

Maithili, Hindi and Urdu are main languages spoken here”

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