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Development Watch – Week #4 November ’22

Development News Increase in rural spending towards jobs, housing Finance Minister of India may present the 2023-24 budget on February 1. The government has allocated 1.36 trillion rupees towards Ministry of Rural Development for 2022-23, but next year it may … Continue Reading Development Watch – Week #4 November ’22

Filmy inspiration from a ‘veteran’ Uber driver!

An Uber i rode in Gurgaon, while returning from office in August 2017, was driven by a ‘veteran’ driver who had worked for famous film directors like Satyajit Ray and Richard Attenborough. The 55 minutes ride became a lively conversation on professional ethics and humility!

Why the Next few Weekends are the best time to be in Lodhi Garden

Because Winter is not fully gone. And you will see brilliant Sunshine, and Fountains and beautiful Flowers in full bloom! And memorable picnics, gymming, running and outings with your loved ones! Even thought-provoking Street Plays if you happen to get in on a Sunday afternoon. I share some useful parking hacks too!