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Going to Nymphenburg Palace? See the Schlosspark behind it too!

Nymphenburg Schlosspark


Visiting Nymphenburg Palace is customary when in Munich. Only when i got there did i discover that the park is even grander!

nymphenburg palace
My group makes its way to Nymphenburg Palace

What makes Nymphenburg Schlosspark Unique

Majestic size within city limits. This is how i’d describe it succinctly. A good 200 hectares or 490 acres isn’t easy to have right in the middle of the city. Compare that with Palace of Versailles, which is a huge 800 hectares and 20 km from Paris.

While the history behind Versailles is more epoch making, Nymphenburg was the brithplace of Kind Ludwig II, from the Wittlesbach Dynasty of Bavaria. However, they both have equally grand interiors, from what i could gather during my visit. The one similarity the two parks share is that they have an arterial canal passing through parterre landscaping.

Grand parterre Nymphenburg
The grand parterre and central canal (Courtesy Florian Adler)

“Burg” is the German word for castle. Nymphenburg Schlosspark offers plenty of exclusivity and closeness with nature.

Nymphenburg Schlosspark : The woods are ‘lovely’, dark and deep!

…and i have promises to keep. and miles to walk in this jungle so deep

Nymphenburg Schlosspark is originally an Italian style garden, built in 1671, and redone in the English manner in the early 19th century. The Baroque section of the palace itself was conceptualized by Joseph Effner in 1715, along with French landscape architect Dominique Girard.

Nymphenburg through the woods
A walk through the woods at the Schlosspark

The park has a grand water cascade (something you will also find in Englischer garden on a smaller scale). It has has 2 lakes and 4 pavilions, among which the Amalienburg Pavilion is built in Rococo style.

Nymphenburg woods & canal
Canal amid greens
nymphenburg park my study group
We had some fun discussions and outdoor games

Amalienburg Pavilion at Nymphenburg Schlosspark

Of the 4 pavilions, Amalienburg is the grandest, decorated in Rococo style interiors. It hal a central Hall of Mirrors on the ground floor, accented with silver and blue Bavarian colors.

Amalienburg Hunting Lodge
Amalienburg Hunting Lodge
amalienburg lodge hall of mirrors
Rococo style “Hall of Mirrors”

Nymphenburg Schlosspark is great for Picnics!

While entry to the park is free, you are also allowed to bring in picnic food. We saw families here on an outing with kids, baskets in tow!

Get your frisbee too, if you like outdoors and sports.

nymphenburg park picnic
Time for a some play and picnic!
nymphenburg park children picnic
The kids just saw fish in the waters!

Getting around in Nymphenburg: Concerts and Gelato

The best way to get to the palace from Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) is to take the Bus #17, and deboard at “Amalienburgstrasse”. Yes, it’s named after the same Amalienburg hunting lodge inside the garden park! If taking the U-bahn, Gern is the closest station. Laim on the S-bahn is also at a walking distance from the palace.

Nymphenburg area has a picturesque central canal leading up to the castle. The tree lined avenue is flanked by beautiful cottages. The entire visit would need 3-4 hours to go through the park as well as the Schlossmuseum which has breathtakingly beautiful interiors and artefacts. Some of the Halls in the Palace are also used as concert venues. In 2015, i had attended Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons concert at Nymphenburg Palace.

The area also has some of the best known Gelato shops in Munich. Cremagelato on Notburgastrasse or Eiskonditorei on Nymphenburger Street. The latter was where i went for the treat!

Finding hotels is pretty easy, if you’d like to stay a little away from the city centre, and enjoy the serenity of Nymphenburg district. Neuhausen is a residential locality not too far from the palace, where you may find less expensive accommodation. These are some of the closest hotels:

Overall, i’d say Nymphenburg Schlosspark is delightfully beautiful without being over the top. Grandeur and greenery, both wouldn’t disappoint!



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