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Lake Starnberg, Munich – A nature-friendly getaway!

starnberg lake munich autumn

Starnberger See or Lake Starnberg

Munich is blessed with serene lakes and abundantly beautiful outdoors! I have been here in all 4 seasons, so can vouch for that.

How to Reach Starnberger See from Central Munich

I took a train to Starnberg via S-Bahn to soak in the beauty of the outskirts. The S-6 from Hauptbahnhof Central station is a just 35 minutes ride to the northern edge of the 5th largest freshwater lake in Germany. While boarding, look for the Tutzing sign, which is the last stop in that direction.

If on a 3-day visit, opt for a group ticket for the entire 4 circles. The most beautiful parts of Munich, like Starnberg, Freising and Ammersee, or even Erding for that matter, are outside. The train ticket is much more economical and faster compared to road transport. MVV Single day ticket for entire network (XXL) costs 13 Euros. You could also take a MitFahr or Rental car to go by road if you want more of the views!

At Starnberg Lake in mild Winter!
starnberg lake starnberger see munich
Ducks @Starnberger See

You will also find a wide variety of ducks and birds in this area. The water is crystal clear and clean!Ā Take a look at this video to get a first-hand feel of the place.

Water Sports and Sail Boating at Starnberg Lake

Starnberger See is a popular water sports venue and sail boats as well. Average temperature of the lake is 21 degrees Celsius in the month of July, when the upper range would be around 24 degrees in the city. That’s the ideal time to try some kayaking, swimming or surfing. Not sure if they have jet-skiing though. I’m not much into sports šŸ™‚

starnberg lake starnberger see munich

TheĀ Bayerische Seen Schifffahrt, orĀ Bavarian Lakes Shipping Company, is a company that operates shipping services on several lakes in theĀ GermanĀ state ofĀ Bavaria. One can book lake cruises from this counter. Excursion ships and passenger ferries have operated on this lake since 1851.

starnberg lake starnberger see munich
The entrance to the wooden bridge, leading up to the boats

The Family-Getaway: Starnberger See

starnberg bird
This one just flew over

The ambiance is very refreshing. You could treat yourself to a cup of coffee and snacks from one of the “Coffee Fellow” kiosks. Or just sit by the lake on one of the benches.

Read. Meditate. Sail. Walk. Or hang out with your friends. Starnberg has something for people of all ages. Day-trips and picnics being the norm.

starnberg coffee fellows
Coffee Fellows kiosk at Starnberg Lake

Dining and Stay options around Lake Starnberg

Most of the better-known restaurants are clubbed around Starnberg Nord S-bahn station. While hotels and other dining outlets are mostly concentrated in Feldafing (west) or Berg (eastern). I have dined in some of the Gasthof or motel-like restaurants where the food is quite and fresh!

Hotel 4 Seasons in Starnberg or the beautiful Hotel Schloss Berg would provide luxury accommodation. One can find budget stay options at Jagerwirt, slightly away from the Lake. Private bungalows and AirBnbs would also make for a picture perfect experience. These private apartments or even “Gasthaus” (guest houses) make for a memorable stay reflecting the true architecture and hospitality of the region.

Personally i have not stayed in any of the hotels, save for a specialty stay in Tutzing, as i used to reside in another part of Munich itself while visiting Starnberg.

Starnberger See or Lake Starnberg in Fall

Recall the very first picture in this post? If the wintry lake is beautiful, prepare for the Autumn to be ethereal!

Tutzing station is another 11 minutes from “Starnberg” stop via S-Bahn S6. This picture below was taken during my retreat and stay at the Evengelische Akademie in Tutzing.

starnberger see tutzing starnberg lake munich bavaria
The fall view: Starnberg Lake seen form Tutzing

The Starnberg Lake Neighbourhood

Starnberg has a nearly 100 km long lake shoreline, of which at least 49 km can be covered by walking or biking on pathways. The remaining is closed to public access, as these are private areas.

The lake district has lush, sylvan surroundings and pretty cottages! The major neighbourhoods and municipalities along the lake side are Berg, Munsing, Seehaupt towards the south, Tutzing (by now you’d be familiar!), Feldafing, and of course the eponymous Starnberg itself in the north.

Berg municipality is famous for the Berg Castle, owned by Wittelsbach Dynasty of Bavaria – Oberbayern or Upper Bavaria to be precise! It is currently inhabited by Franz, Duke of Bavaria. King Ludwig II of Bavaria died here; interesting to note he was born at Nymphenburg Castle. This “swan-king’s” legacy includes the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and devotion towards the composer Richard Wagner. Many members of the family that started the Siemens company are also known to have been residents of Starnberg “Five Lakes” region.

When you take the ride back on the S-bahn, look outside the window and you’ll see why i’m so taken by the beautiful neighbourhood of Starnberger See!

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