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Narnaund Village, Haryana, India – 90.47%

narnaund village rakhi garhi

Review of Narnaund Village in Hisar district:

“Narnaund village is famous for cattle rearing, archaeology and agriculture. We are close to the city limits and just off the highway”

Review by Satinder

Overall Rating – 3/3

Overall Score – 90.47%

Duration of Stay – Long Term

Time of Visit – 2021

Purpose of Visit – Ancestral Place

Image Source : (RakhiGarhi Harappan Site near Narnaund village)

How to Reach Narnaund Village:

  • “Narnaund village is situated 53 km from Hisar. It is quite close to the main highway”. It is situated just 2 km south of the city limits of Narnaund.
  • Narnaund (rural) can be accessed via National Highway #9 and State Highway #12 while travelling from Hisar, as well as from Jind via SH-12 itself. Hansi-Jind road runs closeby
  • One can avail cabs/private cars and buses from the district HQ of Hisar (55 km), Hansi (25 km), or Jind (24 km) and Karnal (106 km)
  • The closest major Railway Station is Jind Junction (26 km), while Hisar Junction is 54 km away.
  • Nearest major Airport is New Delhi airport (150 kms) and Hisar airport (50 kms) by the name of Maharaja Agrasen International Airport (being upgraded by 2024). Bhiwani airport is about 60 kms from Narnaund village

Places of Interest near Narnaund (Rural) in Hisar

  • Dada Devraj Mandir, which is about 1.5 km from Narnaund village. It is a famous religious destination that people visit on “Ekadashi”, 11th day of lunar Vedic calendar.
  • Principle Bazaar is popular among locals of Narnaund and surrounding villages.
  • Other places of tourist interest near Narnaund are located in Hansi, Hisar and Hisar-Delhi-Fazilka Road. The district of Hisar in Haryana also has a rich cultural and historic legacy
  • In Hansi, we can visit Prithviraj Ka Qila, Barsi Gate (Hansi fort) and Feroze Shah Palace
  • In and around the town of Hisar, we can visit famous sites like Jahaj Kothi and Agroha or Ther Mound. Agroha ancient mound, which has antiquities from 3-4 Century, is located 70 km from Narnaund village, on Hisar-Fazilka Road.
  • Rakhi Garhi, a famous Indus Valley Civilization site, is located 12 km from Narnaund Village. Only 5% of the 300 hectares area has been excavated so far. It was part of the mature phase of Indus Valley civilization (2600-1900 BCE).
narnaund village dada devraj mandir
Dada Devraj Mandir in Narnaund village (Source: Photo by Ronny Lohan)
Rakhigarhi site near Narnaund (Source: India Today)
narnaund village dada devraj mandir
Govt Senior Secondary School in Narnaund Village (Source: Branded Baalak)
A video of Agroha Mound by Sunita Goyal (Source: Youtube)

Places to Stay near Narnaund

  • It is difficult to find hotels in Narnaund village or in the tehsil. So one has to book accommodation in bigger nearby cities of Hisar, Hansi, or Jind.
  • Hotel Midtown Grand (INR 4,000) located 48 km away on Sirsa Road in Hisar
  • Welcome Heritage Sheikhpura Kothi (INR 8,700), at 22 km on Hansi-Ugalan Road in Hansi
  • Dhawan Hotel (INR 900) at 24 km on Gohana Road in Jind

Quality of Infrastructure in Narnaund:

Access from Main Highway – 3/3

Presence of School – 2/3

Healthcare Facilities – 2/3

Electricity – 3/3

Water Supply – 3/3

Mobile Network – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

Review of Narnaund Village:

We grow wheat, bajra, cotton in our village, and most of the vegetables too.

Trading cattle is like a second profession for many in Narnaund. The buffaloes we raise give pure quality milk. We take good care of the buffaloes. Unlike city cows who are left on the road and eat poor quality grass.

We give them good feed. Not jaggery. Jaggery makes Buffalo weak and although it gives more milk. But we don’t do that. We give clean feed, after removing dirt and soil. This way, the milk tastes better.

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