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Category: Germany

frankfurt shopfront space

Quirky shop fronts in Frankfurt!

Frankfurt has avenues lined with well-lit shopfronts at night. Even if the streets are deserted. German design is a delight to behold, always

Marienplatz, Munich, Germany – 93.3%

Susmita says – “This is the heart of the ‘city with a heart’! You get an overpowering feeling of joy after stepping out into the plaza in front of the beautiful Rathaus. Got something for everybody!”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 93.3%
Duration of Stay – Multiple short visits

Stiftsbogen (Shrofelhofstrasse), Munich, Germany – 96%

Anonymous says – “A very relaxing and calm residential locality, ideal for students, elderly and families. Beautiful pathways and walkways amidst trees and greenery. Edeka store, mobile and print shop, a couple of restaurants, and many other utility shops like tailor/grocery/bakery/fresh fruit shop were closeby.”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 96%
Duration of Stay – Less than 6 months

Review of Vauban, Freiburg, Germany – 94.1%

Susmita says – “At Vauban one can see active management of waste, passive design features and almost no cars. The whole district has a very organic look!”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 94.1%
Duration of Stay – < 1 Week