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Quirky shop fronts in Frankfurt!

frankfurt shopfront space

And some equally quirky commentary. Big shout out to whoever thought it’s a great idea to keep the lights on even after the shops close 🙂

A walk through the city at night reveals a “window” to many delights. Frankfurt is a banking and business hub. But it also packs a punch when it comes to avant garde design, products and – being in Germany – path-breaking ideas!

This is mainly a photo (dump) blog where i share some of the interesting shop fronts that stood out during my “shaky” Frankfurt night walk! One could hardly find people around, but that surprisingly helped me absorb the city better in less time.

This crisp photo blog encompasses my picks and clicks from a wide variety of stores: furniture design, kitchens, cutlery, space suits, and metros!

Excuse the lack of focus because i was walking at an ultra-rapid pace, with a sub-optimal camera to shoot with. Nevertheless, i could capture the essence of what the high-end shopping scene in Frankfurt has to offer. And few brands are Italian.

Hoping it’ll be an entertaining read. Do share your thoughts in the comments!

shopfront frankfurt furniture
Seating arrangement
A close up of the chandelier above the seating arrangement

Perhaps, and not, the only “clear” picture that my sorry camera could click in the entire Euro Trip 😀

This ensemble cabinet was striking, simply because it was… green!
Cozy home interiors and a floor lamp

Well, this rug is still popular all over the world, even 10 years later.

One of the best-designed revolving entrances of it’s time!
Crystal crockery
In case you were wondering what brand it is – “Lalique”
And the table is set by Christofle
“Suit up”, and go all the way to space!

Suiting up for space shouldn’t stop you from prepping up for summer on earth though. Next 5 years will see equally harsh temperatures like 2023.

FYI, it was winter -3 degrees Celsius when i went to Frankfurt. But vacations have to be planned well in advance. Period.

And be SO color-coordinated! Particularly the shoes…

A headless mannequin, elegantly dressed for the summer
frankfurt window shoppin
Though the winter mannequin is classier, and gets to keep its head too 🙂
And why leave out the men, who suit up for earth!
Sleek and stylish kitchen showroom on Neue Mainzer Strasse, Frankfurt
Luxury brands, far from our reach
Solo travel is a lonesome, evolutionary journey

And sometime’s there’s magic in the sidewalks, though i’ll always be surprised why the city of Frankfurt was so empty. This was well before even the pre-covid time.

As for the photos, the brands could thank me for some free advertisement!

Streets, sans people. But here’s someone looking at you!

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