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Alte Oper, Frankfurt, Germany – 78.79%

alte oper frankfurt

Susmita’s review of Alte Oper, Frankfurt:

“Sparsely landscaped but a grand Renaissance structure with brilliant lighting!”

Review by Susmita

Overall Rating – 2/3

Overall Score – 78.79%

Type of Place – Auditorium/Performance Center

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Quality of Infrastructure at Alte Oper:

Access Road – 3/3

Ease of Drop and Pick-up – 3/3

Parking Space – 2/3

Ease of Movement – 3/3

Security – 3/3

Parks and Landscaping – 1/3

Interior Design – 2/3

Dining Options – 3/3

Restroom Facilities – 3/3

Connectivity with Bus/Metro – 3/3

Overall Rating – 2/3

alte oper frankfurt
Brilliant night lighting at Alte Oper
UBS, banking district & high street in the background
alte oper frankfurt
Arcade detail
Side facade

Does it serve the intended purpose? What can be improved?

  • Surrounding landscaping is a bit sparse.
  • Since this is a standalone classical building located close to the modern banking district, not much attention has been paid to the approach.

Susmita’s Review of Alte Oper:

A reconstructed version that was opened to the public in 1981. This is among the top 10 places to visit in Frankfurt. The Alte Oper is a classical building with well-equipped, beautifully designed concert halls and dining options.

The black lamp posts on the outer periphery and the plaza are a defining feature of the Opera House. Lit brilliantly at night, it is uniquely located close to the eponymous metro in the Banking district.

The grandeur hits you the moment you walk up from the Alte Oper underground Metro. The plaza and the fountain in the classical Renaissance style provide a soothing transition from the otherwise modern and bleak surroundings.

Germany has close to 80 opera houses spread across various cities and states and each of them are a quintessential part of the rich culture in their respective cities. Its a pleasure to walk around the streets in Frankfurt and experience the understated grandeur”


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