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Dallmayr in Munich: A Gourmet Haven for Food and Coffee!

Alois Dallmayr at Dienerstrasse, Munich (Germany)

Not far from the famous Rathaus in Marienplatz, is a 300+ years old gourmet haven for some of the finest food products that come out of Bavaria and Germany. In offices or public event venues, you may have come across the coffee vending machines by Dallmayr. Well, there’s more to Munich than beer!

I happened to be here the very first time on an evening when it was snowing – mainly to take shelter! While living in Munich, i shopped for staples mainly from stores like Penny or Rewe. But Dallmayr provided specialty food items like spreads, jams, cheese and of course, coffee and chocolate. I usually prefer family-run, old establishments for gourmet food, compared to mass-producing chains. And it is commendable how in Germany family-run businesses keep reinventing themselves to keep up with changing trends, or rather, set new trends. Complete with online stores that deliver.

At the original “Stammhaus” Dallmayr, you will also find sections dedicated to cheese, meat products, wine, chocolates, cakes, pralines. It’s more like the indoor version of the Viktualienmarkt, except that there is a cafe and fine dine Bar & Grill upstairs where you can enjoy some real, freshly brewed coffee!

Dallmayr coffee.JPG
Dallmayr Coffee on the 1st floor – Classic!

The pricing is not exorbitant, but decent value for money, considering the cleanliness, brand and overall quality of the products. If you are fond of the Prodomo Ethiopian coffee brand, this is the place to be. And if you aren’t, chances are you will end up becoming!

How to identify the place? The iconic arched doors and yellow accents on the storefront!

Dallmayr Facade
Dallmayr during the Day – Photo borrowed from Lino Wirag

The Ground Floor Food Hall at Dallmayr

I was here just before Christmas, so the place was pretty crowded. The layout was shopper-friendly, and the sections had labels. Finding the products would be easier if you know a bit of German. The hand-made packaging gives a very authentic, home-like feel to the brand.

Will let the pictures do the talking.

Dallmayr pastries
Pastries and Torte
cooking pastes dallmayr
Cooking pastes
Olive oil Dallmayr
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
meat products dallmayr
The meat section at Dallmayr
Dallmayr cheese section
The cheese counter
inside shop dallmayr
People browsing through the shelves for finest coffee

A kilogram of the famous coffee would cost between 14-18 Euros. Capsa (mild/dark roast, decaffeinated), d’Oro and Ethiopian single origin coffee (Arabica) are other ranges besides Prodomo. Most of the organic coffee sold worldwide is in a similar price range, if not higher. Other popular coffee brands in Germany are Tchibo, Mondelez, Nestle and Melitta. Several outlets of Starbucks have also come up all over Munich, but majority of the places i went to, there was Dallmayr coffee – the home brand, just like the native beers from Munich!

If you look at the homepage of Dallmayr, they have given a crisp yet informative overview of the coffee-making process and technicalities of the beans. The beans used in Dallmayr coffee are mostly sourced from countries like Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Columbia and Brazil. There are details of the aroma, acidity, % of caffeine and the taste. For instance, Robusta beans from Congo (Coffea canephora) have up to 4% caffeine. Their aroma is smoky, spicy, earthy, while shape is small and round with a straight cut. On the other hand, Arabica beans from Ethiopia have lower caffeine levels, a delicate and fruity aroma. Beans are flat and oblong, with an S-cut.

There, you know something about coffee now 🙂

1st Floor Restaurant at Dallmayr

If you arrive between 15:00 to 18:30 hrs, it is a good time to order “Afternoon Tea”, best enjoyed in a group. It costs approximately 17 Euros, and has assorted cookies, pastries, pralines, along with choice of Salmon Sandwich and coffee.

First Floor restaurant
Restaurant on the First Floor
Assorted cakes and fruits
Assorted cakes, pralines and cookies
dallmayr ham sandwich
Salmon and Egg Sandwich at Dallmayr
dallmayr munich pralines

Coming back to the ground floor for Pralines!

Dallmayr Bar and Grill

If fine dining is your thing, and seafood the thing among things, head over to Dallmayr on a Wednesday evening for Oysters! This is something i didn’t try myself. But other fellow bloggers seemed to like the experience:

For gifting purposes, Dallmayr combo packs and hampers are excellent. Most of them have the signature coffee as well.

christmas hampers dallmayr
Christmas hampers and gifts at Dallmayr
Christmas hamper espresso dallmayr
Gift basket with Dallmayr Espresso Coffee

How to Reach Dallmayr Stammhaus?

If you are looking at the Rathaus across from you in Marientplatz, take the road towards the right, along Ludwig Beck. This is Dienerstrasse. Dallmayr faces Marienhof Park.

Nearest Metro on the U-Bahn is Marienplatz, and is also connected with S-Bahn.

Marienplatz can be reached easily from Munich airport (40-55 minutes by S-bahn). Many tourists from Asia club their visit to Munich with other cities like Prague, Budapest and Vienna as part of package tours. However, if you love to explore outdoor parks within a cosmopolitan, keep 3 days for Munich. It is also possible to find decent accommodation at fair prices in Marienplatz itself, though that is never a guarantee during Oktoberfest rush!

Alois Dallmayr Entrance
Alois Dallmayr crest at the entrance

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