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Stiftsbogen (Shrofelhofstrasse), Munich, Germany – 96%

Resident’s Review of Stiftsbogen in Munich

“A very relaxing and calm residential locality in Munich, ideal for students, elderly and families. Close to Haderner Stern U-bahn station. Plenty of outdoor seating, and even spaces for barbequeing.

Review by Susmita

Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 96%
Duration of Stay – Less than 6 months
Image & Video Courtesy (Stiftsbogen Studentenwerk) : Author
“Here is a video showing a typical room in Studentenwerk Stiftsbogen. The quality of construction is immaculate. It is commendable how one can find affordable student accommodation in an expensive city like Munich”

Another Video from YouTube that captured a hail storm – just outside the dorm!

Quality of Infrastructure:

Condition of Roads & Footpaths – 3/3
Quality of Housing – 3/3
Quality of Schools – 3/3
Healthcare Facilities – 3/3
General Safety – 3/3
Street Lighting – 3/3
Parks and Greenery – 3/3
General Store/Shops – 3/3
Mobile Network – 3/3
Public Transport (Bus/Metro) – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

What needs fixing at Stiftsbogen:

  • Well, nothing.

Other Facilities Ratings:

Shopping Options – 2/3
Cinemas and Multiplexes – 2/3
Dining Options – 3/3
Outdoor Sports/Gym/Fitness Centre – 3/3
stiftsbogen haderner stern edeka
Market plaza that leads to Edeka store in Haderner Stern


  • Where to Stay: Hall of Residence, or an AirBnB in one of the beautiful homes/dorms. There are a few hotels within 1 km radius of Stiftsbogen. 
  • Where to Eat: Mehlfeld’s Restaurant for German fares, Ben Thanh Asia (both in Haderner Stern). There used to be a good Greek restaurant as well, which seems to be shut now!

    stiftsbogen munich
    Eco-friendly and sustainable landscaping at Stiftsbogen. The housing complex had only natural boundaries and no walls!
stiftsbogen studentenwerk munich
Outdoor seating area in Stiftsbogen

Review of Stiftsbogen:

“A very relaxing and calm residential locality in Munich, ideal for students, elderly and families. Beautiful pathways and walkways amidst trees and greenery. Plenty of outdoor seating, and even spaces for barbequeing. The rooms were quite new, bathrooms sparkling clean. Common kitchen and laundromat were well-equipped. Plenty of Bicycle parking spaces and organized garbage disposal.

The place is just a 10 minutes walk from Haderner Stern U-bahn/Metro. Edeka superstore, Penny store, mobile and print shop, a couple of restaurants, and many other utility shops like tailor/grocery/bakery/fresh fruit shop were closeby. The market complex boasted of pharmacy, printing shops and dry cleaning. Even a public library and Asian specialty food stores were there. Mehlfeld restaurant provides good breakfast. 

Every Saturday, an outdoor market would be put up where we could buy plenty of value-for-money items like clothes, food, plants, etc. Street artists would be performing on Saturday evenings though on Sundays the shops would be closed.”


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