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Jaipur-Ajmer-Pushkar, India – 100%

Review by Susmita Sinha

Type of Trip – Highway Road Trip (Car)
Overall Score – 100%
Year of Visit – 2017
No. of Travelers – 4
Duration of Trip – 5 hours
Stop for Food/water – Ajmer – Reliance Fresh below Hotel Prince (Kaisar Ganj)

Overall Ratings:

The Route – 3/3
Destination – 3/3
Activity / Experience – 3/3
Overall Rating – 3/3


“We started from Jaipur city at around 8:30 am, and reached Ajmer at 10 30. Taking Ola outstation turned out to be a good option. After the quintessential visit to Dargah, we headed to Pushkar. (Temple remains closed between 1pm to 4pm). We visited the lake and the markets. The return trip was to Delhi, through Shatabdi train which we boarded from Ajmer railway station.”



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