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Reusing-Recycling Bottles and Boxes

So what could we do with all the plastic food delivery boxes from Rawleaf and Faasos? And those smoothie bottles?

As i do not like to throw away plastic, i kept stock-piling the boxes. Several glass bottles were returned to the vendor so they could clean and re-use them. Then just 3 of those were left… hiding away in a bag. Yes, i keep collecting cloth and poly bags as a better alternative than throwing them away, too!

Rawleaf smoothie bottles stored in a cloth bag

Tucked away in another part of the kitchen were these plastic boxes:

Food delivery boxes stacked in the kitchen

So one fine morning, when the colorful Dahlias in our balcony grew to a size that makes plucking of the flowers customary, we assembled it all. Filled the containers with water. Added a handful of marigold to complete that “window-box” look.

And here we go… what a beauty! Don’t they look way better on the table?


One of the WordPress authors followed LocalFeedback.Org and i came across an interesting post on her site. It’s about the Ellen McArthur Foundation’s initiative for reducing plastic waste. Top 5 innovative ideas would be presented in Davos during the World Economic Forum. What we do on a daily basis can also create a huge impact by minimizing the plastic footprint.

How do you recycle stuff at home? Share your ideas and links in the comments below!






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