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Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – 78.7%

sagrada familia barcelona

Sagrada Familia review

“Filigree in concrete. Uplifting, complex forms amalgamated with utmost grace. A kaleidoscope of textures and materials, which takes an eternity to build…”

Review by Susmita

Overall Score – 78.7%

Overall Maintenance – 3/3

Image Source : Author (Exterior of Sagrada Familia)

Rating of Basic Features:

Access Road – 2/3

Ease of Drop and Pick-up – 3/3

Parking Space – 2/3

Ease of Movement within the Building – 3/3

Security – 2/3

Parks and Landscaping – 2/3

Interior Design – 3/3

Dining Options – 2/3

Restroom Facilities – 3/3

Connectivity with Bus/Metro – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

Architectural Features and Details of Sagrada Familia

Elevated walkway
sagrada familia ticket window
“Schools” with undulating walls
sagrada familia entry ticket
Ticket souvenir
Ticket booking window
sagrada familia elevated walkway handrail detali
Elevated walkway handrail detail
sagrada familia spires under construction
Spires under construction
Passion facade
sagrada familia wall detail
Wall detail
sagrada familia biomorphism column detail
Bio-morphism column detail
sagrada familia street view
Street view from front steps
sagrada familia gaudi museum entry
Entry to the Gaudi Museum
sagrada familia less ornate walkways
One of the less ornate walkways
sagrada familia ceiling lattice
Lattice of a 45m high nave ceiling…
Rose window with stained glass
Flying buttresses along the side aisles
A “forest” of columns
View of the main Altar
Spiral staircase
The subtle, accented lighting adds to an uplifting, heavenly quality
Complex forms rendered in utmost grace…
Incoming light through the oculus
Embedded stonework
Bejewelled columns
Chiseled overhangs above the rose windows
sagrada familia ceiling lattices montjuic hill
Column lattices resembling Montjuic hill forests
Viewpoints and balconies at multiple levels
sagrada familia masterplan l
Masterplan and layout of the columns
sagrada familia biblical themes
Themes from the bible are fused into the facade
sagrada familia rear entrance and archway
Rear entrance and archway
sagrada familia column detail
Column detail
sagrada familia biblical stories
Biblical stories depicted on walls
sagrada familia concrete mouldings
Glass window fused seamlessly with concrete mouldings
sagrada familia gaudi museum construction photos
Images showing work in progress at Gaudi Museum
sagrada familia breakout enclosure
Breakout enclosure
sagrada familia minimalist landscaped patches
Minimalist landscaped patches
sagrada familia glory facade
Biblical representation on rear “Glory” facade
sagrada familiabalcony moulding
Balcony moulding detail
sagrada familia tree column prototype
Tree column prototype
sagrada familia minimalist landscaping
Minimalist landscaping
sagrada familia roof prototype
The roof prototype
sagrada familia passion facade
Rendering of the “Passion Facade”

How to reach Sagrada Familia?

It is easily accessible from both L2 and L5 metro lines. Nearest stations are Encants and Monumental.

What can be improved at Sagrada Familia?

  • Public amenities. But since it is a church/cathedral, we can’t expect many public amenities. Although it functions more as a tourist destination. And you can plan a wedding here too!

Review of Sagrada Familia:

Sagrada Familia is an architectural marvel and UNESCO world heritage site. Known for its art noveau and gothic style, it is the most popular tourist destination in Barcelona. A landmark across Europe and the world.

A construction horizon spanning over a century, it is still work in progress. A combination of varying materials, textures and free-flowing forms are amalgamated in a unique manner, quite unlike any other building in the world!

Distinct levels in the cathedral are marked according to their specific purposes. The lowest level houses the museum of Antonio Gaudi. It has original renderings and prototypes of parts of the cathedral based on the original design concept.

One can find plenty of eateries around the cathedral. It is completely immersed in the urban neighbourhood setting and sees a large footfall of tourists round the year”

Location of Sagrada Familia:

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