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Tag: rural life

Sustainability और छोटे होते शहरी मकान

A connoisseur of plants yearns to give greenery the ‘space’ it deserves in the urban context. Is there a way forward to create a balance in our compact urban dwellings through Sustainability?

Home, Always a Home

“Now, when I visit my village, I no longer get the view of Kanchenjunga mountain as buildings have come up, the river has narrowed and encroachment has reached to its brim.”

मैं और मेरा घर (My Home and Me)

“ किसी का घर से कैसा रिस्ता है, कितना लगाव है ये शायद वो लोग बेहतर समझते हैं जो घर से दूर रहते हैं। अब सवाल ये कि आखिर वो घर कौन सा ?”