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Tag: rural tourism in india

pranpur village amraee rural resort

Pranpur Village, Madhya Pradesh, India – 100%

Hema says – “Pranpur is famous for handloom Chanderi sarees, Chanderi Fort and Rural Resorts”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 100%

gandikota fort andhra pradesh review

Gandikota Fort, Andhra Pradesh, India – 66.7%

Agnes says – “Gandi is the Telegu name for gorge and the village and Fort got their name as a result of that. The rock structures of the gorge are magnificent, the red granite majestic in huge blocks precariously grace the tops of the gorge, you have to climb over them to get to the edge and see the view”
Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 66.7%
Duration of Stay – Less than 1 day