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Pranpur Village, Madhya Pradesh, India – 100%

pranpur village amraee rural resort

Review of Pranpur Village near Chanderi in Ashoknagar district:

“Pranpur should be visited by anyone interested in seeing handloom work, local artist’s work, or learning about the handicraft world

Review by Hema Bisht

Overall Rating – 3/3

Overall Score – 100%

Duration of Stay – Short Visit (Less than 1 week)

Time of Visit – 2020

Purpose of Visit – Tourism 

Image Source : Tripadvisor (Amraee Rural Guest House in Pranpur village)

How to Reach Pranpur Village:

  • “Pranpur village is about 4 km from Chanderi. It is well connected by road from all neighbouring towns.”
  • Pranpur can be accessed via National Highways #20 & #10 while travelling from Ashok Nagar, or via NH-19 from Pichhore and other northern towns in MP
  • “Regular bus service to Chanderi is available from Gwalior, Indore, Guna, Shivpuri, Ashok Nagar, Jhansi, Lalitpur (in UP), Tikamgarh, Vidisha, Sanchi and Bhopal”.
  • One can avail cabs/private cars and buses from the district HQ of Ashoknagar (55 km), Bhopal (235 km), or Lalitpur (35 km) and Jhansi (100 km) in UP
  • The nearest Railway Station to Pranpur and Chanderi is Lalitpur on the Bina-Bhopal line. This railway station is a stopover point for all main trains. Viz. Bhopal Shatabdi – Delhi to Bhopal, INDB JBP SPL – Indore to Bhopal, Valsad Puri Special – Vadodara to Bhopal, Kamayani Express – Varanasi to Bhopal, etc.
  • Nearest Airport is Gwalior airport (230 kms) and Bhopal airport (260 kms). In terms of connectivity Bhopal airport is far better than Gwalior airport. Direct flights include – Delhi to Bhopal, Mumbai to Bhopal, Pune to Bhopal

Places of Interest near Pranpur Village and Chanderi

  • Amraee Rural Resort, managed by Pranpur Paryatan Vikas Samiti, is located just 1 km from Pranpur Village. It is set in the middle of a mango orchard and also has a herbal kitchen garden. One can watch the saree weavers live here and experience Bundelkhandi folk culture.
  • Pranpur is a hub of handloom Chanderi Sarees which are famous for their brocade work. The weaving culture of Chanderi emerged between 2nd and 7th Century, showing influences of both Malwa and Bundelkhand regions.
  • “Don’t forget to visit handloom factories in Pranpur to see how the renowned handwoven Chanderi sareers are created using silk and cotton & of course if you are a shopping lover then I bet you cannot stop yourself from buying the beautiful silk Chanderi Sari.”
  • Pranpur is also famous for pottery and metalcrafts. Chanderi town and nearby areas were a location for the popular movie “Stree”
  • Rajghat Dam & Reservoir, and Betwa River, along MP-UP border are about 12-15 km from the village
  • The scenic Malankho Waterfalls are situated 10 km from Pranpur village
pranpur village handloom work
Handloom work on Chanderi Sarees at Pranpur village (Source: Quality India Tours photo shared by Reviewer)
chanderi dholiya darwaza near pranpur village
Dholiya Darwaza in Chanderi (Source: Hindustan Times)
chanderi fort near pranpur village
Courtyard of Chanderi Fort (Source: QualityIndiaTours Photo by Reviewer)
A video of Malankho Waterfalls, 10 km from Pranpur VIllage (Source: DC News)

Places to Stay near Pranpur

  • For stay, I will recommend Amraee Rural Resort; the accommodations are very modest, but the scenery is breathtaking, and the property is managed by locals.
  • Pranpur has a limited option of the hotels. So here you can enjoy your stay in Tana Bana MPTDC, MPT Kila Kothi, Hotel Sri Kunj & lodge as well where you will get basic facilities.”
  • Amraee Rural Resort located at 1 km on Chanderi Road in Pranpur
  • MPT Kila Kothi (INR 3,000), an MP Tourism hotel at 5 km from Pranpur, near Khuni Darwaza and Kirti Durg, both part of Chanderi Fort, located on the outskirts of Chanderi
  • MPT Tana Bana (INR 2,200) at 5 km on Rajghat Road in Chanderi
  • Hotel Shri Kunj Lodge (INR 5,000) located at 5 km from Pranpur on Chanderi-Piraigaon Road

Quality of Infrastructure in Pranpur:

Access from Main Highway – 3/3

Presence of School – 3/3

Healthcare Facilities – 3/3

Electricity – 3/3

Water Supply – 3/3

Mobile Network – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

Review of Pranpur Village:

“Pranpur village should be visited by anyone interested in taking a local village tour, seeing handloom work, local artist’s work, or learning about the handicraft world.

It is about 3 kilometres from Chanderi town and is quite popular with tourists who wish to learn about local culture and traditions, picture local villages, meet the village inhabitants, and so on

Don’t forget to visit handloom factories to see how the renowned handwoven Chanderi sareers are created using silk and cotton & of course if you are shopping lover then I bet you, you can stop yourself to buy the silk or Chanderi Sari.

The villagers have all the facilities such as water supply, electricity supply, medical facility (government hospital), and all the villagers has their own house etc.

Pranpur and Chanderi are well connected by road from neighbouring towns.

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