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2 Dark Chocolate outlets that I’m digging this season!

chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi

My relentless search for dark chocolates in Delhi took to me Darkins and Fabelle. Two cacao havens (in India) that i absolutely loved!

If you stay in Delhi and have been yearning for high quality dark chocolates, then head over to Darkins in Sainik Farms, or simply order by phone! Not far away, in the super-popular Select City Walk you can also find Fabelle, an ITC venture that sells premium dark chocolates. Select City Walk also has the luxury choco brand from Japan, Royce. But since i like my chocolates not-so-prohibitively-expensive (buying Royce in Japan is cheaper that the imported version), i prefer a day out at Liz Chocotarian who have launched their offering under the label “Darkins”… sounds just right!

chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
The “boutique cacao factory” by Darkins in Delhi

Darkins also seem to have one of the best prices, and you can see their “boutique chocolate factory” right there! It opened around 6 months ago. Set in a sylvan area within a green, private campus, you will actually enjoy the visit. Even more so because they have started weekend workshops for chocolate making. Any Roald Dahl and Willy Wonka fans here?

chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
The dark chocolate mousse centre is one of the lesser priced collections by Fabelle

I’ve attended hands-on chocolate making sessions in Switzerland, in quaint touristy Interlaken. The Schuh outlet there makes limited edition chocolates and this is where i learnt what an enduring process chocolate making is. Of course, the better known Lindt had a fancy “chocolaterie” right in the middle of Zurich, but Schuh had a very handmade boutique feel to it (do expect a blog post on the experience)

Darkins & Fabelle : Two Dark Chocolate Havens in South Delhi

I couldn’t be more thankful when i came across the Darkins Factory in South Delhi. A friend told me about their Facebook page, that’s how i got to know. The best part is they also take orders for cakes (and chocolates of course!) through phone or through the Chocotarian / Darkins website – which i see is so creatively designed! Pretty classy work actually! As visiting customers we were not allowed to click photos, but what i saw was pretty fascinating – the conching and tempering equipment, single origin cacao nibs, the neat layout,  and the highly motivated staff + the very knowledgeable owner (Richa)! The feel of the place had a very personal touch and this is something i like in places where i buy ‘food’ from 🙂

Darkins now offers 55%, 65% Coffee, 75% and 85% Blueberry. The one flavour i miss most is ORANGE!!

Richa Kunar Chocotarian
“Chocotarian” Richa Kunar with a Darkins sample

You can see a short video of their chocolate making process below. The background music is quite groovy. Watch out for their exquisite cakes!

Fabelle n Chocotarian : Both have umpteen variety!

Although new, the menu at Chocotarian is quite diverse and innovative. Most of their chocolates have over 70% cacao. The orange flavoured bar was my favorite. You can also opt for buying cacao nibs, cocoa beans and powder ‘at source’ here.

Now coming to Fabelle – they mostly have pralines. And some ultra small cup versions which taste quite smooth and super fine. However, a little beyond my budget for the size. Fabelle being affiliated to a bigger brand has an extensive online store, but Darkins, which earlier went by the listing as “Chocotarian“, also delivers in more than one city. It has a permanent outlet in Kolkata as well.

chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
Orange Flavored Dark Chocolate from Chocotarian

Fabelle n Darkins : The Look and Branding

When it comes to gifting purposes, it’s hard to go wrong with dark chocolates. They are exotic, delicious and much healthier compared to regular chocolates. With Fabelle, you can get boxes, while customized packaging is done by Darkins – Chocotarian team. You would ‘love’ their cakes. The textures and decor have a very international appeal, since Chocolatier Richa has done workshops in as far as Hong Kong! That speaks a lot about her passion and skill in chocolate-making. She completely avoid the use of any emulsifiers in the recipes, plain and simple, because they are harmful for the health. I wish they would list all ingredients at the back, like the bigger brands do, so that more people would know what they are consuming. Especially because many of us offer chocolates to kids and we can prevent a lot of harm to their systems by making the right choices.

chocotarian fabelle ingredients
Ingredients in Fabelle Dark Choco Mousse
chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
Darkins – Simple yet elegant packaging, ideal for gifting
chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
The Fine grained texture of Darkins

Now that i’ve run out of the pomegranate flavoured darkins, it’s time for some real ones with my museli super-food breakfast!

chocotarian fabelle single origin cacao dark chocolate south delhi
Pomegranates and Muesli. I combination i resort to when my chocolate stock gets over!

darkins 77% cacao
77% Cacao by Darkins

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