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Adhichak Village, Uttar Pradesh, India – 66.7%

adhichak kariyamau village Uttar Pradesh location map

Review of Adhichak Village in Lucknow district:

“Adhichak (Kariyamau) village has schools only till grade 8, limited banking facilities, inadequate transportation infrastructure, and the absence of piped water connections.

Review by Shambhavi Srivastava

Overall Rating – 2/3

Overall Score – 66.7%

Duration of Stay – Less than 1 week

Time of Visit – 2023

Purpose of Visit – Volunteering

Cover Image: Location map of the Village (Source: Google Maps)

How to reach Adhichak Village:

  • By four wheeler and two wheeler you can reach Kariyamau then you cover the distance by walking.
  • Close to Grand Trunk Road or NH-19
  • Located in Behta tehsil of Lucknow district

Places of Interest

  • TBA

Places to Stay near Adhichak

  • TBA
adhichak kariyamau in behta tehsil of lucknow
Interaction with Kalawati, village resident (Source: Author)
adhichak kariyamau in community interaction in behta tehsil of lucknow
Interaction with villagers in Adhichak (Source: Author)

Quality of Infrastructure in the Village:

Access from Main Highway – 1/3

Presence of School – 3/3

Healthcare Facilities – 2/3

Electricity – 2/3

Water Supply – 1/3

Mobile Network – 3/3

Overall Rating – 2/3

Review of Adhichak Village:

During my conversation with Kalawati (80 years old lady), a resident of the village, I discovered some distressing realities that shed light on the challenges faced by the community.

One of the most concerning issues is the absence of pension benefits under the widow scheme specifically designed for women like Kalawati. This lack of support deprives them of financial security during a vulnerable phase of their lives.

Furthermore, it came to my attention that the villagers do not have access to a nearby bank, making basic financial services and transactions highly inconvenient.

Additionally, the absence of proper transportation infrastructure forces them to travel long distances to reach essential facilities and important destinations.

In terms of education, the government schools in the village only provide education up to the 8th grade. This limitation creates obstacles for students who aspire to pursue higher education, impacting their long-term prospects.

Another significant concern raised by the residents is the lack of piped water connections in the village. This absence of a reliable water supply greatly inconveniences the community, making their daily lives more challenging.

In summary, my conversation with Ms. Kalawati highlighted several pressing issues, including the absence of pension benefits, limited banking facilities, inadequate transportation infrastructure, limited educational opportunities, and the absence of piped water connections. These challenges collectively impact the livelihoods and well-being of the villagers.

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