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Local Feedback – tweaking around!

The Beta Version of the site is finally coming up. Content is being added, structured and modified. You can now share feedback on localities, buildings and villages you stay in or have been to, and also on offbeat travel routes followed.

Each review will be added as an independent blog post within City pages. This will allow easy sharing and tracking of reviews even after the site undergoes restructuring.

Read more details in the About section. Learn how you can receive Reward Points for every review. There are options for sign-in for image & video uploads.

You could take part in the Home Connect Contest to share unique memories of having stayed in a neighbourhood, or witnessing a transformation around you.

LocalFeedback.Org is a small endeavour towards improving cities, villages and everything in between, one locality at a time. In India, we will be partnering with municipal authorities and urban development bodies for localities/cities/villages, based on maximum feedback received.

Stay tuned for more updates as we grow! For suggestions, feel free to drop an email

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