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Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic – 90.0%


“Visiting Prague at least once in a lifetime is almost on every traveler’s bucket list. And the most favourite activity when in Prague is to take a leisurely stroll on Charles Bridge.”

Review by Medhika

Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 90.0%
Duration of Stay – up to 1 week
Type of Tourist District – Historical
Time of Visit – 2017
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Quality of Infrastructure:

Public Transport (Bus/Metro) – 3/3
Condition of Roads – 3/3
Walkways / Footpaths – 3/3
General Safety – 2/3
Drinking Water – 2/3
Restrooms – 2/3
Cleanliness – 3/3
Mobile Network – 3/3
Value for Money – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

Activities at Charles Bridge:

  • Sight-seeing
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Historical

Places to Shop:

Numerous souvenir shops can be found all over Prague, especially around the Old Town. One has to be careful while buying the famous Bohemian crystal and look for the certification or else one can be fooled easily into buying a fake China made product.

Places to Stay:

A private apartment booked through AirBnb in the city centre if you are staying for a longer period of time.

Places to Eat:

Cute little cafes serving authentic Czech cuisine can be found all over the city. A must try item is the Trdelnik which is a very common dessert item sold at almost every street corner near the main sights.

tourist locality charles bridge prague medhika trdelnik
Trdelnik, a Slovakian dessert, popular among tourists in Czech Republic (Source: Pinterest)


“Visiting Prague at least once in a lifetime is almost on every traveler’s bucket list. And the most favourite activity when in Prague is to take a leisurely stroll on Charles Bridge.

Whether you are a solo backpacker or travelling with family, whether you seek thrill through adventure sports or enjoy the solitude in a library, Prague is one city that everyone loves unanimously. One of the few cities to emerge out of the Second World War unharmed, its medieval architecture is captivating and alluring.

The Charles Bridge itself, built in the fifteenth century has stood the test of time. For the longest period, this Bridge was the only way of crossing the Vltava river and it has been made a pedestrian only zone only in the recent years.

The 30 baroque statues lining its parapet lend a statuesque aura to the whole atmosphere. Numerous musicians and hawkers take center-stage on the Bridge as soon as it is day and continue to entertain tourists till the sun goes down.

Although one can walk around the Bridge all day and all night, it is only in the very early hours of the morning that a visit is a must, if you want to take a walk all by yourself. Its just you and the swans on the river below. What a great way to start the day!”


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  1. just a comment to trdelnik: it is not common dessert, it is common touristic dessert only sold in touristic areas, as Czech people do not eat this overpriced sweet think full of sugar, as we eat much cheaper, higher quality and much tastier Czech traditional desserts as vetrnik, rakvicka, spicka, venecek, kolace, koblihy

    • Hi Katy, we would love to know from you which are the shops in Prague where we can find authentic local desserts! Venecek, Kolace, rakvicka, sound so good. As tourists it is hard to find authentic food because, well!
      Would also be great help if you could write some reviews about your city on our website 🙂
      All reviews can be submitted through this page

      • Even the quality of Czech traditional desserts varies, some places use some oil instead of milk for cream and that can be a problem, but the best place for (not only, but my favourite) Vetrnik is Lokal chain of restaurant (the famous one, Mysak, Cafe Savoy (all ambiente chain), or another chain here:, any cake from here; this one is a little bit pricy; and a lot of other places, just must be sure it is made from good (real, not some additives …) ingrediences not to be disappointed
        I will think a out the reviews 🙂

      • Thanks a lot Katy, for the inputs! I am yet to visit Prague, and this will be so helpful 🙂
        If you already have a blog post on the local food scene in Czech Republic, you could share the link.
        Or i’ll have a special post written based on your inputs and provide a link to your blog!
        Sure, whenever you get time, you could write a couple of reviews. We have published reviews of villages and localities by writers from USA, UK, and of course, India. Thanks again for sharing!
        – Susmita from Local Feedback

  2. and about accommodation: when staying longer, chose airbnb, but do not stay in the city center, as it is open air museum and Czech people cannot afford living there (and all the places are airbnb or something like this) and it is so crowded during the day with tourists, that we do not go there during the day. Chose other place (everything is close to the center) and you will really have a chance to live Prague. Locations would be: Vinohrady, Vrsovice, Letna, Holesovice, Karlin, Smichov … 🙂

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