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Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain – 92.59%

Parc Guell Review

“Nature cast in stone. Each corner of the park has an element of surprise with a timeless quality”

Review by Susmita

Overall Score – 92.59%

Overall Maintenance – 3/3

Image Source : Author (Main Entrance of Parc Guell)

Rating of Basic Features:

Access Road – 3/3

Jogging/Walking Track – 2/3

Trees and Turf – 3/3

Children’s Play Area – 2/3

Benches – 3/3

Restrooms – 3/3

Dustbins – 3/3

Lighting – 3/3

Overall Maintenance – 3/3

Architectural Features and Details of Parc Guell

parc guell barcelona
Tree-lined walkway
View of a shaded grove as seen from above
parc guell barcelona
Breakout space and seating area
parc guell barcelona
Bio-morphic column detail
Snack outlet near seating area
Open space and terrace
parc guell barcelona
Stone imitating nature! or nature cast in stone
Mosaic detail on parapet
parc guell barcelona
Colonnaded walkway
parc guell barcelona
Outer view of the colonnade
parc guell barcelona
Winding walkway and ledge detail
parc guell barcelona
Two-tiered gallery and terrace
parc guell barcelona
Spire detail in structure
Window detail
parc guell barcelona
View of Torre Agbar from Parc Guell terrace

How to reach the Park?

It is easily accessible from Vallcarca Metro and Lesseps.

The Park is:

  • Pet-friendly
  • suited for wheelchair use
  • Safe to visit in the evening
  • Good for outdoor exercise/sports
  • Good for hosting public events

Review of Parc Guell:

“Named after Eusebi Guell, a Catalonian entrepreneur, Parc Guell is a cluster of urban gardens on Carmel Hill in Barcelona. It is designed by Antonio Gaudi, and has been in use since it’s opening in 1914. Yet the place has a timeless quality to it!

I had reached the park on foot from the Vallcarca underground metro. A series of outdoor escalators and steps that took well over 15 minutes, to reach the highest view point of the park. The view and wait was worth it. After all, Parc Guell happens to be the most uniquely designed naturalistic urban spaces.

The biomorphism in structure is of outstanding accuracy and epitome of innovation. The natural forms which the structures imitate give a feel of being in a “stone forest”. Multi-colored mosaics and brightly colored buildings add to the rich tapestry of individual structures. Gaudi Museum, Porters Lodge, along with two-tiered terraces and colonnades are mini-marvels in their own right.

Each corner of the park has some element of surprise or intriguing views of the city. One can spend hours here without getting bored watching standalone musicians, events, groups of enthusiastic tourists, devouring food outlets and walking amidst abundant greenery. The worst time to visit would obviously be on a rainy day. Or a humid one. Since all the landscaping and paving is soft. Hardly any paved areas, which helps retain the organic touch, but would making walking rather inconvenient.

And a useful tip would be to have the map handy. Getting from one point to another can be tough if you don’t know your way around, navigating all the terraces and steps. Or will simply end up on the wrong exit in a hurry and the metro where you don’t want to be.

To date, this remains the most unique (or might we say unusual) outdoor experience in my solo Europe travel.”

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