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Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India – 73.3%

Tourist’s Review of Mahabalipuram:


“This place has been carrying the heritage across centuries. Well connected to Chennai, a wonderful part of this place is the 26m high lighthouse.”

Review by Amit Kumar

Overall Rating – 3/3
Overall Score – 73.3%
Duration of Stay – 1 day
Type of Tourist District – Historical, Remote, Beachside
Time of Visit – 2018
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Quality of Infrastructure:

Public Transport (Bus/Metro) – 2/3
Condition of Roads – 2/3
Walkways / Footpaths – 1/3
General Safety – 2/3
Drinking Water – 2/3
Restrooms – 2/3
Cleanliness – 3/3
Mobile Network – 2/3
Value for Money – 3/3

Overall Rating – 3/3

Activities at Mahabalipuram:

  • Sight-seeing
  • Guided Tours,
  • Adventure Sports
  • Cultural Immersion
  • Historical

Places to Shop:

Government authorized centers for shopping and handicrafts

Places to Stay:

Hotels are available

Places to Eat at Mahabalipuram:

Local Street Side places. Do not forget to try the Ragi malt.

Review Tourist District Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu - Amit Kumar 2
26 metres high lighthouse in Mahabalipuram


“This place has been carrying the heritage across centuries. Despite the attack of the saline sea winds and waters on the temples, this place has been standing tall against all odds with the support and help of government authorities.

Very well connected to Chennai and Kanchipuram. Frequent buses are available.

Lots of coastal sea food to offer.

This place has really good statue-making workshops. Visit any one of stores when you go to Mahabalipuram.

A wonderful part of this place is the 26m high lighthouse. Do not miss it. You get a chance to see the light-torch on the top.

Once you are here in Mahabalipuram, do not miss a chance to go to Kanchipuram.


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