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The Microcosmic Campus

A “Home Connect” Essay:


“This place is the best mix of historical events, the present, as well as futuristic insights in the field of technology and innovation. More than a campus, it’s another home isn’t it?”


The ‘Home’ is located in Kharagpur, in the State of West Bengal in India. The Writer has chosen to stay Anonymous.

What the writer expects from a ‘smart city’“A smart city should not always be taken from the pages of a science fiction book, but rather be a realistic hub, catering to the needs of its residents alongwith following sustainable values towards the environment and our mother nature.”

Read the story of his ‘home’ here…


The Microcosmic Campus

During one of the farewell dinner that we had arranged for our graduating senior batch, I happened to ask them about the thing they would miss the most after they graduate from here. With most excitement, they replied, “Of course, this beautiful campus and the freedom we get in here”. This campus of one of the oldest Indian Institutes of Technology established back in 1951 at the Hijli Detention Camp, is a serene and productive place to study and the student-friendly atmosphere’s all around, where the coffee flows and calmness is preferred. It has the largest campus area among all the IIT’s. The appeal of vast expanses of green, sweeping trees everywhere and the classic architecture blends in with the creative lifestyle of young KGPians.

Located at around 120 kilometres west of ‘The city of joy-Kolkata’, Kharagpur is known all over the world for two landmarks. It topped the list of having the longest railway platforms for several decades and yes – The Indian Institute of Technology! The weather here is pleasant during the winters with temperatures around 10-25°C while on the other hand, it gets humid and hot (25-40°C) during the summers. Oh! And it rains almost throughout the year with its dominance during the months of June-September (one of the reasons why this campus remains lush green!).

thcc1 essay02_Main_Building_3
The lush green campus
thcc1 essay02_Main_Building_1
Main building, IIT Kharagpur

Let us begin with the main building of IIT Kharagpur, which is a home to various academic and administrative offices. The iconic main building of IIT Kharagpur displays across its entrance a sign that reads, “Dedicated to the service of the nation” which with quiet dignity assert the world what the Institute is really about. Having already entered the academic area, we witness the Central Library one of the finest technical libraries in Asia. The roads in the area are lovely to cycle upon as we rush from one building to the other for lectures and labs. Moving to the residential area the campus hosts its students in about 22 halls, including 5 for girls and 2 general. It is one the fondest memories of any KGPian to take a stroll or cycle around on a fresh morning, a lovely evening or even on a chilly night on “2.2”, a road loop of 2.2 kilometres in the central part of the campus on which you come across the mighty and evergreen Jnan Ghosh Stadium, the Technology Students Gymkhana which is a hub for all extracurricular and co-curricular activities ranging from sports to socio-cultural.

thcc1 essay02_Kalidas Auditorium
Kalidasa Auditorium where socio-cultural events are held

Speaking of the sports amenities, the campus has the Technology Swimming Pool, tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court and what not! And then there is the Tata Sports Complex where KGPians love to play and also cheer their teams during a football match out there. The nights in the campus are a bliss. People gather in for a birthday celebration at the Gymkhana or the Institute top or that of several departments too. The view of the institute from those tops is mesmerising. We set out for a stroll and walk down the roads of the campus illuminated with orange lights and green bushes on either side, it just sets our moods back on. Food joints are a place of hustle and bustle all throughout the day and some remain open throughout the night as well, for instance, Cheddis, a small restaurant that has been catering to hungry iitians since 1961! Other places include Tikka, Sahara, Dreamland, Vegies, etc. The best moments of the campus are created in the halls of residences. All the halls possess good infrastructure along with basketball, volleyball, etc. courts and small grounds where KGPians enjoy their intra hall matches on weekends.

thcc1 essay02_Main_Building_2
An outdoorsy feel!

The halls have a cheerful atmosphere with gardens and flowers welcoming us at the entrance after a hectic day. We have complete access to the hall library, music room, the gym as well! Fests, guest lectures, celebrity visits at the Netaji Auditorium and Tagore Open Air Theatre just uplift the mood of this campus. Nehru Museum, Hijli Shahid Bhavan, Old Prison Cells, Martyrs Memorial, all shift you back in time to the pre-independence period of India. The department buildings, Vikramshila, Nalanda Complex (lecture building), J.C.Bose laboratory complex, remind us of their importance that they have been offering since a long time, where we get transported to a different world of development, research and studies being carried out in order to mould us to be able to strive for the betterment of the world. The campus witnesses and aids the transition phase of the lives of its students. This place is the best mix of historical events, the present, as well as futuristic insights in the field of technology and innovation. More than a campus, it’s another home isn’t it?

thcc1 essay02_2.2
Back to where we started… the 2.2 Loop!




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