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An Excerpt from my Life

The story of a young Indian woman’s determination to make a mark of her own, and succeed despite odds!
The writer, Aastha Singh, is a Senior Automation Consultant based in Halifax, Canada. An active public speaker with Toastmasters International, she served as Division Director in Bangalore, India.
She chose to share her personal journey of transformation on LocalFeedback.Org

When i reflect upon the last one year…

I will always reminisce and cherish the last 8-10 months of my life. I decided to pen down those memories so that I can revisit them whenever I am feeling low and gloomy. I am sure even if I read it after several years, this will only re-instill my confidence and bring a sense of joy and contentment to me.

Risks and Challenges I faced

Well, how should I describe those days! It would not be wrong to admit that those months were extremely grueling and challenging both at professional and personal front. There were days, I was working tirelessly with sleepless nights, trying to meet targets, deadlines and also working towards my long-term goals. I had a dream to pursue the role of my interest in a new country. Needless to say, it was a tough decision to make, with lot of things at stake and there were surely choices to make. But I also realized that if I want to be successful, I will have to take a risk no matter what.
Lot of people came up to me and said,
Aastha, I think you are going in a wrong direction, why don’t you think properly and reconsider your decisions.”
Some even laughed at me, some of my pals and relatives didn’t shy away from commenting,
“Now that you are married, you shouldn’t do all that. Instead of focusing on your career, don’t you think you should start planning for babies!”
I took all of that silently with a pinch of salt and some even misinterpreted my silence for weakness.
person using macbook pro on brown wooden desk
Sometimes the best way to grow is to enhance our skills and have faith in ourselves!
But, I was only waiting for the right time. In the meantime, I was working day in and day out to upgrade my knowledge and level up my skills. Months of hard work and sacrifices finally paid off when I was able to crack the very first interview in a reputed organization in a desired profile in a foreign land within no time!
And when I decided to travel and go ahead with my plan, still some people blatantly remarked, the decision of settling in an unknown land might turn out to be a disaster, what if you can’t adjust, you will be depressed and only repent later!
But I was firm on my ground. I strongly believe, there is no right or wrong decision; we just need to put in an effort to make it right!

Respect for other peoples’ View Point

Friends, please note I am not writing all this to brag about myself neither do I have any intentions of going back to them to prove a point. With all due respect to their views and perception, I have always known, that has never been my way of thinking, and absolutely not my way of leading a so-called “normal” life!
man in brown long sleeved button up shirt standing while using gray laptop computer on brown wooden table beside woman in gray long sleeved shirt sitting
What others think of us matters less. But i learned to disagree with respect!

Developing Inner Strength and Confidence

Today I feel really happy and proud that more than anything else, I was able to  prove to myself that there is nothing impossible if we have the right attitude and proper plan in place. I am sure this is not the end but the beginning of a new exciting journey.
And this time, I have made a promise to myself; I will be a lot more confident and stronger to face the challenges and obstacles head-on!

How to Overcome the Challenges on Personal and Professional fronts

With whatever I have learned and realized over the last 8-10 months, I would like to put forward those points:
Firstly, never ever force yourself to fit in where you don’t belong. It can be a bad relationship, a toxic work environment, over-competitive relatives and if you are very lucky, chances are thick you might end up with all the three! 🙂
A good way is to relentlessly keep working towards your goal without paying much heed to what others think or say! And when the time is right, you will find your way out and flourish beautifully.
white and red plastic heart balloon on sky during daytime
Listen to your heart and it will take you places!
Secondly, it is important to listen to your heart because the heart exactly knows what it wants! Moreover, we may have the biggest dream, strongest resolve, we might be very motivated, remember, just wishing and dreaming won’t get us there, we need to be willing to put in our best efforts, consistently!
To escape from the prison of mediocrity, sometimes we like Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption have to crawl through a river of shit and we will come out clean on the other side.
Lastly, there will always be people who will question our capabilities and say, “you can’t do it”. The best way is to take that as a challenge! Only then we try pushing ourselves out of comfort zone to be a better version of ourselves and this surely needs incessant effort and a lot of sacrifice.
Congratulations Aastha for breaking the mold and setting out to create your own success story!
As more and more young women join ranks to achieve professional and personal success across the world, we are happy to celebrate your unique journey. We would love to hear (and read!) more on your experience with leadership, career-counselling and public speaking. 

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  1. The article starts with great build up but disappoints the reader at the end. Firstly, it is too short, only made up of rambled words and paragraphs. mostly blahs and blahs. It merely ends up as an excerpt from that movie not from your life. Speaking on that, “coming out clean”, bit surprised how you are treating the challenges in your life like that. Instead of standing tall and solving a challenge, you label it is a prison and run away from it.
    Wow!, how convenient is that.
    I still cant believe why did you ran from Toastmasters India when you were already at the top!, same with your person life!

  2. Great to read about the best parts of your life. Keep going & continue writing further phases of your life. Cheers

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