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Urja Park, Patna – 96.29%

urja park walkway

Urja Park review

Lush greens, gazebos, skating rink, open gym, Kids’ play area and ample parking. There are a variety of seating spaces and brick structures, state-of-the-art landscaping including an amphitheatre.

Review by Susmita

Overall Score – 96.3%

Overall Maintenance – 3/3

Image Source : Author

urja park planter flower pots
Planters and flower pots in Urja Park
Mini-lake surrounded by greenery
Souvenirs from Electricity Board
urja park amphitheater
Amphitheater in Urja Park
urja park main entrance
Main entrance and ticket counter
urja park open gym
Open gym within the park
Ladies toilet, dustbin and drinking water facilities
Foot over bridge traversing the lake
Stone embankment around the lake
Outdoor lighting with stone casing and louvres
Urja Park outdoor cricket play
Children playing cricket in the Park
urja park surrounded by residences
Residences overlooking the park premises
urja park irrigation
Regular irrigation and maintenance in the park
urja park stone gazebo
Stone gazebo provides shaded seating
urja park skating rink
Skating rink inside the park
Stone bench detail
Outdoor sculpture and street lighting
Edge treatment in unpaved pathways
urja park flower beds
Flower beds and plants
Urja Park kids play area
Kids play area in Urja Park
urja park swings
Variety of swings and flowering plants
Urja Park Geodesic globe climber
Geodesic globe climber for kids
urja park brick information panel
Information panel in brickwork
urja park hawkers vendors
Food vendors and hawkers outside Urja Park
Entrance to dedicated car parking opposite the park
urja park parking lot
Ample car parking space inside the parking lot

Rating of Basic Features:

Access Road – 2/3

Jogging/Walking Track – 3/3

Trees and Turf – 3/3

Children’s Play Area – 3/3

Benches – 3/3

Restrooms – 3/3

Dustbins – 3/3

Lighting – 3/3

Overall Maintenance – 3/3

Urja Park is good for:

  • Outdoor Exercise/Sports
  • Pet-friendly
  • Visits in the evening
  • Suited for wheelchair access

Review of Urja Park:

What a pleasant place in the middle of Patna! Urja Park in Patna has brought a new lease of life to Patel Nagar. The entire plot of land was primarily a dump yard, lying vacant for years. Under the initiative of the Bihar State Electricity Board, it has now been transformed into one of the most well maintained parks in Patna. It has high aesthetic value, all facilities, and is easily accessible for residents staying nearby.

Who would even know that a park with such a huge lake even exists right in a residential area? Built and maintained by Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited (BSPHCL), formerly known as BSEB, the place is worth a visit if you are in Patna.

Lush greens, benches, gazebos, skating rink, Kids’ play area and ample parking. There are a variety of seating spaces and brick structures, state-of-the-art landscaping including an amphitheatre. One can find nuggets of information on electricity throughout the park.

Except for the narrow junction at the access road, there is no particular flaw i could find. Wow, what a near-perfect park!

Closeby, you can also find Navin Sinha Smriti Park built on similar lines, but i guess it does not have such a huge lake. Even in the middle of the day, i could find a lot of people with families relaxing here.

The ticket price was low (Rs. 50/-), and the park is superbly well-maintained. It has modern and innovative features like open gym equipments, sufficient parking and is also safe for usage at night. The lights in the park are solar-powered.

You can also find some good street food hawkers just outside the entrance gate.

For the uninitiated, this park is close to DAV BSEB, and the newly opened restaurant Lounge Before Wicket (LBW).”

Location of Urja Park (BSPHCL Energy Park):

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