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Park beside Bandhu Vihar, Dwarka Sector 10, New Delhi – 55.55%

park beside bandhu vihar 2 sector 10

Park near Bandhu Vihar


Review by Anonymous

Overall Score – 55.55%
Overall Maintenance – 3/3
Image Source : Author

Rating of Basic Features:

Access Road – 3/3
Jogging/Walking Track – 1/3
Trees and Turf – 2/3
Children’s Play Area – 1/3
Benches – 2/3
Restrooms – 1/3
Dustbins – 2/3
Lighting – 2/3

Overall Maintenance – 1/3

Park is good for:

  • Taking pets for a walk

Review of Park near Bandhu Vihar:

“This is one of the few parks in Dwarka which is a picture of neglect. Some weeding, pruning and basic cleaning can give a makeover to the park. Currently it is just a passage way and remains defunct.

It is right on the main road service lane and hence has scope for improvement. One positive change in last few months is the removal of garbage dump just outside the park and placing of 2 dustbins inside.”

park beside bandhu vihar sector 10.jpg
There is plenty of scope for improvement at this Park. For example, dustbins were added recently.




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