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Review of Lucknow Junction Railway Station – 61.90%

lucknow junction main entrance

Lucknow Junction Railway Station

“Dedicated parking systems, and safe availability of taxi are much needed. Disciplinary control on auto and taxi unions will be helpful.

Note: Lucknow Junction is not the same as Chaarbagh Lucknow NR Railway Station reviewed earlier

Review by Anonymous

Overall Rating – 1/3

Overall Score – 61.90%

Frequency of Use – Once in a year

Purpose of Visit – Other (unspecified)

Mode of Visit – Arrival as Passenger

Time of Visit – 9 pm to 12 am

Nationality – Indian

Image Source (Station entrance and Parking) : Wikipedia

Rating of General Features at Lucknow Junction:

Access Road – 1/3

Ease of drop and pick-up – 1/3

Parking Space – 2/3

Connectivity with Public Transport – 2/3

Ease of Movement – 1/3

Security – 1/3

Front Entrance – 3/3

Interior Design / Aesthetics – 3/3

Dining Options – 3/3

Restroom/Toilets – 2/3

Overall Rating – 1/3

lucknow junction
Station platform (Source: IndiaRailInfo)
Executive Lounge at Lucknow Junction (Source: India Today)

Rating of Specific Facilities at Lucknow Junction:

Adequate Space on Platform – 2/3

Platform Height for boarding – 3/3

Platform Benches – 3/3

Foot Over-Bridge – 2/3

Stairs – 2/3

Ramps – 2/3

Escalators – 1/3

Waiting Room – 1/3

Dustbins – 2/3

Washbasins – 2/3

Vendors/Hawkers – 2/3

Public Announcement System – 1/3

Signboards – 2/3

Wheelchair friendly – 2/3

Wi-Fi – 1/3

Ticket Counter – 2/3

Porters & Coolie – 2/3

What can be improved:

“Systemic and safe availability of taxi. Disciplinary control on auto and taxi unions.”

Additional Facilities that you would like at the station?

“Dedicated parking systems”

Recommendations at Lucknow Junction:

  • Prepaid taxi booth is a must if nothing (more) can be done


“There is a grave issue of taxis at the station. It needs to be more organized and discipline is needed over unions of autos and taxis who charge high prices. Prepaid taxis would help with more options to passengers who arrive.

Other areas which need attention at the station are escalators, waiting rooms, security, ease of drop and pickup. Ease of access to the main entrance also needs a lot of improvement.

Lucknow Junction is decent in terms of aesthetics, especially the front entrance. A good variety of foods are also available”


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